Maria Panayotova Kirova, famously known as Maria, is one of Bulgaria’s most favourite artist with now more than 18 years on stage. Maria Panayotova Kirova is a Bulgarian artist. She starts singing from a young age and becomes popular from the Bulgarian TV program called “Like Lions”, where she performs the song „Детелини“(Clovers) by Lily Ivanova. After that, in 2000 Maria signs a contract with “Payner” and becomes one of Bulgaria’s favourite artists, with now more than 18 years on stage. In 2004 she stars in a commercial for “Ariana” where she opens a bottle of beer with a bottle opener hidden between her breasts, from there she gets her nickname „Отварачката“(The Opener). In 2017 she stars in the reality show Big Brother.

The singers first media appearance is on Payner’s annual concert, in Plovdiv in 2000. Then she releases the albums „Спомен “(Memory) and „Първа луна “(First moon) in 2000 and 2001. Her third album - „Истинска “(Real), premieres in 2003, and the song „Обичай ме така “(Love me like this) wins the award „Golden Hit Fresh“ in the same year. At the annual music awards by the TV channel Planeta, in 2003, Maria wins the special award from the general sponsors for the most attractive video clips for her songs „Всичко си ти “(You are all) and „Обичай ме така “(Love me like this). Her next albums are „За теб“(For you) „Осъдена душа“(Judged soul) and „Единствен“(The only one) in 2004 2005 and 2006. The video clip for the song „Твоят град“(Your city) is awarded for The best video clip for 2004 at Planet’s award show, and the song „Не те обичам“(I don’t love you) wins Cover of the year at the 2006 music awards from the magazine „New Folk“.

Maria is the first singer, that stars in a commercial for the beer Ariana, from where she gets her nickname Mara The Opener. She then becomes the face for the mobile operator Mtel. In 2005 she is chosen for the most beautiful Bulgarian of the year by the show „The 10 most “.

Through the next several years, Marias career takes a back seat in her life. She releases just a few projects, including a collaboration with DJ Jivko Mix and her colleague Ilian, which however didn’t get much attention. In 2006 Maria is a guest in the show „Hot “, where together with Veneta Raikova they chose the wedding dress for the singer and the bride to be – Maria. In the middle of 2008 Maria gives birth to her first child – Maraya, and receives the award for „Sexiest Mother “. In the spring of 2009 Maria signs a contract with the production house „Middle Station “and stars in the music reality show „Music Idol “as a judge. During this time, she releases her first song with the Romanian composer Constantin Ioniță „Моите задръжки “(My restrains), which has huge success and reaches the number 6 spot at the weekly charts at radio „Signal + “.

Next is the song (The Best), again the music is by Constantin Ioniță which becomes one of Marias best hits and is nominated for „Song of the year “in 2010 at the annual music awards by the TV channel „Planeta “ and is also nominated in the same category at the annual music awards by the magazine „New Folk“. Maria continues her work with the Romanian hit-maker and in the end of 2011 she releases her 7th studio album – „XIII“, which title is inspired by the 30th birthday of the singer and also her 13 years on stage. The album is presented at a concert on the 13th of January 2012 at the stage „Rainbow Plaza“ in Sofia. On the 14th Maria preforms the debut single from the album „Завърти се и върви си “(Turn around and go away) at the TV show „Slavi‘s Show“. In 2012 the cosmetic company „Refan“ releases the perfume „Follow me“ which is inspired by Maria. The same year the magazine „New Folk“release a whole issue of the magazine, inspired by Maria. In the early 2013 Maria releases her first „best of“album – „The best of Maria 2013“. The pilot single „Пази сърцето ми“ (Guard my heart) is performed for the first time at a live concert in honour of the birthday of the TV channel Planeta on the 4th of December 2012, where Maria is the opening act. At the annual music awards by the channel Planeta in 2013, she is nominated in two categories – for „Disco Hit“ with the song „Мръсни мисли“ (Dirty Thoughts) and for album of the year with „XIII“ .

In an interview for the show „Звездно“ ( Stars) on the television channel Planeta, Maria shares that she is working on a song called „Мен Избра“(You chose me) and a new sound, again in collaboration with the Romanian composer Constantin Ioniță. During the next two years Maria experiments with her musical sound and visual appearance, by releasing songs with more of a pop sound and also releasing three duets with Azis, a couple of duets with rappers and one modernized national song. In 2014 Maria returns on the club stage after few years of absence, during which the singer chose to give her full attention to her family. In the end of 2015 she releases her 8th studio album „Твоите сто лица“ (Your hundred faces) which contains few of the singles released in 2012. The singer herself explains the absence of concept for the album by explaining that it came to be as kind of a surprise for her from her producers. For the singer 2016 begins with promoting her song „Мръсни думи говори“ (Talk dirty words) together with a music video in the beginning of February. The project is a trio with Azis and Fiki. At the annual music awards by the TV channel Planeta, Maria Wins the award for „Album of the year“ for „Your hundred faces“. The awards is given to the artist that has sold the most copies of their album.



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